About Fashsy

Fashsy was started in early 2021 by Sidou Bouali as a fun way to explore Megs’ love for handbags. Readers were hungry for fashion information presented in a clear, approachable way, and Fashsy has earned its reputation as a destination by providing exactly that. It now plays host to millions of readers per month, all hungry for news on the latest and greatest that the fashion industry has to offer from Fashsy roster of expert editors and contributors.

Later in 2021, Fashsy was added as a destination for bag lovers and fashion fans of all types to connect with each other to share everything from shopping intel to leather cleaning tips. It allowed members to expand upon the conversations that were started on Fashsy, as well as start their own.

The forums quickly expanded beyond just handbags, and it’s now a lively, ever-evolving community of nearly half a million members, making it the largest online fashion community in the world.

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